Bo. Borinquen, Aguadilla

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Número de Propiedad : 17-0515

Venta $7,900,000 - Terrenos

Price Reduction for Sale! This incredible property consists of 3 lots, all of them adjacent to the Crash Boat beach in Aguadilla, PR. It has great views and the potentials are unlimited. The property has more than 800 meters facing the sea in one of the most beautiful beaches of the island and probably of the Caribbean. This property is at the moment one of the jewels of the crown of the island and deserves a project that will impact both the area and the island. It should bring tourism and additional high-end celebrities. The property consists of 39,818.4543 meters, equivalent to 10.1 “cuerdas” or 9.8 acres of land. # 17-0515GM

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